About Us

Located in Franschhoek, the gourmet capital of South Africa. 

Welcome to South Africa's premier BEE producer of fine hand crafted Belgian chocolates.

Our boutique chocolaterie, in the main street of Franschhoek offers a delicious range of chocolates, made from the finest imported  Belgian chocolate. 

Partners, Danver Windvogel & Denver Adonis are Belgian-qualified chocolatiers. Chocolates are made in view of visitors to the chocolaterie. The Chocolate Experience, a half-hour programme of tasting, demonstrations and chocolate history, is held regularly.

Our chocolates are sold loose or beautifully packaged in a variety of attractive boxes. All of our chocolates are hand-crafted by us from the finest imported Belgian dark, milk and white chocolate. We have an attractive variety of special packaging and chocolate for corporate, special events and weddings. In our shop you can find a variety of gifts, biscuits & novelties.

Huguenot chocolates are also boxed and bagged in attractive and colourful packaging. There are 32 different foil colours and more than 30 different boxes and bags. There are chocolates with Christmas themes, Easter eggs and gifts and a Valentine's Day selection.

Chocolates make wonderful gifts for friends, for clients and staff and for weddings and 
We also make two kinds of customized corporate chocolates. The logo chocolate, which depicts the logo or emblem of a company or organization in raised relief on a chocolate. The transfer chocolate, where a logo or emblem is made into an edible transfer and incorporated as part of the chocolate. We make a variety of boxed chocolates which carry a sticker or badge of the company. We have an extensive variety of foil and ribbon colours and suggestions for corporate gifts for all budgets.

We have a wonderful selection of jams and preserves – all made from fruit of the valley. No artificial additives or preservatives